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Wing Island (preowned)

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Take to the Skies!

Experience the aerial thrills and spills of being an ace prop plane pilot in Wing Island. Simply tilt the Wii Remote left and right to bank your biplane, move down to make a dive, up to swoop into the sky, and pull back or forward to brake or boost.

In Story Mode, take on a series of challenging missions at the controls of a single plane or a formation of five; switching formation via simple Wii Remote movements. Win prizes for completing missions and earn money to upgrade your planes.

Wing Island also features a Trial Mode for you to beat the best time or score and a Two Player Mode in which you can engage in aerial battles with a friend (either by using two Wii Remotes or simply by using Player 1's Nunchuk). Or if you just want to head up into the great blue yonder, relax with Free Mode and simply buzz around any of the islands you've unlocked. * Control one or a formation of five propeller planes simply by moving the Wii Remote

  • Make aerial acrobatics easily by turning and twisting the Wii Remote
  • Take part in 27 diverse missions: from putting out fires, to air-dropping medicine or photographing a flock of birds
  • Up to seven different planes and various upgrades available to buy
  • Four game modes: Story, Time/Score Trial, Two-Player and Free Mode
  • In Two-Player mode, one player uses the Wii Remote, the other uses the Nunchuk