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EA Sports FC 24 (preowned)

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Join the Club.

EA SPORTS FC™ 24 is a new era for The World’s Game: 19,000+ fully licensed players, 700+ teams, and 30+ leagues playing together in the most authentic football experience ever created.

Feel closer to the game with two cutting-edge technologies delivering unparalleled realism in every match: PlayStyles optimised by Opta, and a revolutionised Frostbite™ Engine powering EA SPORTS FC™ 24 on Switch for the first time in EA SPORTS™ history.

PlayStyles dimensionalise athletes, interpreting data from Opta and other sources into signature abilities that heighten the realism and individuality of each player.

The revolutionised Frostbite™ Engine delivers The World’s Game in lifelike detail, bringing a new level of immersion to each match.

EA SPORTS FC™ 24 also introduces a full Ultimate Team™ experience to Switch: develop club legends and improve your players with the brand new Ultimate Team™ Evolutions, and welcome women’s footballers to the pitch alongside men as you craft your dream XI.

Test your skills in Rivals, offline in Squad Battles, or against the best in Champions, plus complete Objectives, and compete casually in Friendlies.

Or hit the pitch in Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL, personalise your own Pro, and play with friends throughout the year.

EA SPORTS FC™ 24 is the next chapter in a more innovative future of football.

Important Information:

Game requires a download of at least 31 GB via an Internet connection. You may also be required to create or link a Nintendo Account. MicroSD card (sold separately) may be required depending on your storage. Storage requirements may change.



Optimised by real-world Opta data, PlayStyles dimensionalise athletes, going beyond overall ratings to bring to life the on-pitch abilities that make players special. Each PlayStyle gives players unique capabilities you’ll see and feel that make their way of playing more authentic. PlayStyles+ enhances those signature abilities to world-class standards, giving elite players abilities to play at a level that few others can reach.

  • PlayStyles: Every footballer in the world has a distinct way of playing—PlayStyles brings this dimension to The World's Game with signature abilities that take a player’s game beyond overall ratings and help them stand out on the pitch. Each of the 34 Playstyles, which affect every phase of the game from scoring to defending, are available in every game mode except VOLTA FOOTBALL™.
  • PlayStyles+: Only the best players in the world have PlayStyles+, enhancing an ability from special to spectacular. You'll be able to see and feel the difference, with Playstyles+ helping top players to shine on the pitch.

Frostbite™ ENGINE

The enhanced Frostbite™ Engine dials up the detail with more realistic SAPIEN player models that make every moment in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 look and feel more like football.

  • SAPIEN technology: All-new character technology transforms the way players look and move with realistically redesigned player models that are 10x more anatomically precise and correct down to the smallest detail, resulting in smoother animations that reflect the more unique characteristics and body types that make players special.

Elevated Broadcast Experience

From the crowd to the commentary, nothing feels more like a matchday than EA SPORTS FC™ 24 with fresh features delivering an exciting broadcast experience every time you kick off.

  • EA SPORTS FC™ Broadcast Overlays: Each match in EA SPORTS FC™ has a fresh look with new signature broadcast overlays that match the energy of the rebrand, pushing the visual matchday experience into the future.
  • Second Commentary Team: EA SPORTS FC™ 24 welcomes a new commentary duo into the gantry in Ultimate Team™ and select kick-off modes to provide fresh voices and new energy to matches - storied English commentator Guy Mowbray and former English international Sue Smith as the first female co-commentator in The World’s Game.

Ultimate Team

Build your dream squad and compete in Ultimate Team™ with more players than ever to add to your XI - past and present from men's and now women’s football - and fresh new ways to customise your Club on and off the pitch. Develop your own Club legends by playing to improve your players with the brand new Ultimate Team Evolutions, and welcome women’s football to the pitch with players from the biggest clubs and leagues in The World’s Game including the UEFA Women’s Champions League, Barclays FA Women’s Super League, D1F, the National Women's Soccer League, and new additions Frauen-Bundesliga and Liga F. Whether you want to play on your own in Squad Battles, together in Co-Op, online in Division Rivals, against the best in Ultimate Team™ Champions, Ultimate Team™ connects you to the world of football throughout the entire season with a range of content influenced by real-world performances and competitions including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and CONMEBOL Libertadores.

  • Ultimate Team™ Evolutions: Level up players in your Club with Ultimate Team™ Evolutions - a new feature within Ultimate Team™ that creates a progression path for players already in your Club. Develop your favourites into club legends by completing objectives that improve their individual skills, PlayStyles, overall ratings, and even how their Player Items look. 
  • Women’s Football in Ultimate Team™: In EA SPORTS FC™ 24, ultimate means everyone. Ultimate Team™ unites both halves of The World’s Game, bringing men's and women’s football together to play on the same pitch. This unlocks a new world of squad-building potential and connects to campaigns throughout the season that relate to real-world performances across women’s football.
  • PlayStyles in Ultimate Team™: PlayStyles introduce a brand new dynamic to Ultimate Team™ that goes beyond overall ratings, allowing you to build your squad based on how good players are - and how they actually play on the pitch. PlayStyles+ take that to the next level, giving players abilities on the pitch that few others have. 
  • New Player Item Design: EA SPORTS FC™ 24 introduces a new era for the iconic Ultimate Team™ Player Item, bringing into focus the footballers at the heart of the World’s Game and elevating all the key information you need to understand the player at a glance. Player Items will bring athletes to life in new ways with larger pictures and animated backgrounds, plus more accessible details like league crests, and PlayStyles+.
  • Quality of Life Improvements: Community requests have become core features this year in Ultimate Team™ - claim all Objectives rewards at one time, change player positions without the need for a consumable, build new squads with improved Chemistry for ICONs, navigate through Ultimate Team™ more seamlessly with an all-new quick switcher that helps you toggle quickly between features, discover new Objectives and content with ease, and get back on to the pitch with less friction.

Career Focused Experiences

Choose your path - either on the pitch as a player or from the touchline as a manager—and author your very own footballing story in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Player Career or Manager Career. Live some of football’s biggest tournaments and leagues first-hand including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga EA SPORTS, and many other top competitions, with greater control over every decision and more ways to write your name into the history of The World’s Game.

Manager Career

  • Total Management System: Bring your footballing philosophy to life like a modern manager in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Manager Career. The brand new Total Management System allows you to define and implement a unique tactical identity - expand your coaching staff to hone in on and refine this on-pitch approach and leverage data and insights via Pre-Match Reports to identify your opponent’s tactical approach and exploit their weaknesses.
  • Match Ready Training: Get your players ready for matchday with a new level of control over training. Set plans on both an individual and team level to keep everyone fit and sharp, plus personalise pre-match warm-ups to boost your squad’s performance with one-time PlayStyle boosts for upcoming fixtures and focus player drills on mastering specific game-changing skills.
  • Touchline Cam: Step into the technical area for the first time in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 and see the game through a manager's eyes with a new Manager Career camera - one perspective in the brand new Spectate mode that allows you to watch and manage the game without directly controlling the team. 

Player Career

  • The Player Agent: Chart your dream career path with help from the new Player Agent in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Player Career. Pick where you want to go and your Player Agent offers recommendations and advice on how to take that next step in your career, giving you the power to transfer to your favourite clubs on the way from budding wonderkid to Ballon d'Or winner. These recommendations are translated into the new Career Path Objectives, giving you actionable ways to attract your dream club and take your career to the next level. 
  • Personality: In EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Player Career, every choice you make defines the footballer you’ll become. The introduction of PlayStyles means that as you get better, you’ll also get more unique, with new opportunities to define and refine how you shine on the pitch as you grow into a one-of-a-kind talent. 
  • 'Play as Player' Cam: Become the focal point of every match with the new ‘Play as Player’ camera that keeps you front and centre as you orchestrate the action.

Clubs and Volta Football

From the stadium to the street, join your friends in Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL™ in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 with cross-play**. Play, progress, and personalise your Pro in true-to-football ways with the introduction of a new Clubs Season format culminating in Playoffs, the introduction of PlayStyles for more realistic player development, and more customisation than ever.

  • Clubs League Season + Playoffs: A fresh Season format brings a new level of competition and dynamism to Clubs in EA SPORTS FC™ 24. During each Season, Clubs compete in a League Phase, progressing from the lowest division to the highest, earning points and pushing for promotion. Each Season culminates in a brand new Playoff Phase where Clubs have a fixed number of matches to climb their League leaderboard and earn additional end-of-season rewards in the form of Fans, reputation, and unique Clubs League trophies. The higher your Club finishes in both the League Phase and Playoff Phase, the better rewards you’ll earn at the conclusion of each Season.
  • Club Progression: Go beyond growing your Pro to grow your Club together with friends, gaining Fans in order to unlock reputation levels and expand the exposure of your Club. The more popular your Club, the more you’ll be able to tailor your stadium—and the better your AI squad will get. 
  • PlayStyles in Clubs: Develop your Pro into your favourite player with PlayStyles—unique signature abilities that make them stand out on the pitch. Each PlayStyle makes your Pro more personal, unlocking a new level of customisation and giving you control over the precise type of player your Pro becomes. 

VOLTA FOOTBALL™: Take to the streets with more friends this year thanks to cross-play in VOLTA FOOTBALL™. Personalise your Pro with new vanity, show off your skills in mini-games, or simply enjoy social play with friends in this casual, community-oriented street football environment.

Learn to Play

Whether you’re just getting started or a star of the game, take your skills to the next level with Learn to Play, the home in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 for personal progress that matches your level. Learn to Play puts all the tools for improvement in one place, uniting the Training Centre, Objectives, Skill Games, training matches, training videos, and even tailored feedback, to help you kick off your journey in The World’s Game or kick on to new heights.


Experience unrivalled authenticity in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 with the most true-to-life experience of The World's Game featuring football's biggest stars and teams. With 19,000+ players across 700+ teams in over 100 stadiums and over 30 leagues, EA SPORTS FC™ 24 is the only place you can play the iconic UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, Premier League, Bundesliga, and LaLiga EA SPORTS in the same game, alongside two new women’s football leagues - the Frauen-Bundesliga, and Liga F - plus the Barclays FA Women’s Super League, the D1 Arkema, the National Women's Soccer League, the UEFA Women's Champions League.

Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Console Configurations: Experience EA SPORTS FC 24 whenever, wherever and however you want. Connect to your television and play Single or Multiplayer or take the same modes on the go.

  • Docked 1080p / 30fps
  • Handheld 720p / 30fps
  • Tabletop 720p / 30fps
  • Local Multiplayer Connection 

Split Joy-Con Support: Built exclusively for Nintendo Switch™, Split Joy-Con controls enable you to compete with your friends anytime and anywhere. Without any additional hardware, players can separate the Joy-Con controllers and enjoy multiplayer game modes at home, or on the go. Joy-Con support on EA SPORTS FC 24 includes:

  • Handheld 
  • Dual
  • Single

Note: EA SPORTS FC 24 will also support Pro Controller configuration.

TouchScreen Functionality: EA SPORTS FC 24 will introduce the ability to navigate across menus using touchscreen technology.

Local Seasons: Enjoy an exclusive way to play on Nintendo Switch™ with Local Seasons. Invite anyone in your local proximity and track multiple stats in your matches through a five-game season, in EA SPORTS FC 24.

Very mild sporting violence, online interactivity and chat, chance-based in-game purchases More information
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