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Final Fantasy Explorers (preowned)

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Final Fantasy Explorers - Packshot 1
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Mild themes and fantasy violence, online interactivity More information
This Preowned game may not include the original box art or manual,
but we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts!
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  • Battle hordes of monsters and retrieve the pieces of the Grand Crystal
  • Tackle over 200 quests solo or with up to three friends in local and online* co-op
  • Fully customise your character and switch between 20 different jobs
  • Summon fan-favourite monsters or transform into iconic FINAL FANTASY heroes with the Trance system

Join an elite group of heroes and set a course for the world’s greatest source of power, the Grand Crystal. Prepare to venture into exotic and unexplored regions in search of pieces of the Grand Crystal and battle against the ferocious monsters that protect them!

Courageous explorers can brave over 200 quests solo or co-operatively with up to three other players, either nearby via Local Play or afar via the internet*. Start by creating your own explorer, then customise them with weapons, armour, abilities and more before heading into the field to slay monsters and complete quests.

As you progress, hone your skills in over 20 different jobs, unique professions each with their own sets of special skills. You can train up as a Black Mage, using offensive magic skills to down beasts, become a highly-specialised Dark Knight, and sacrifice your own health to dish out devastating attacks, and loads more! Try each job out and decide which one works best for you!

You can even switch between jobs, mixing things up and transferring certain skills between classes to suit your party’s play style or your own. The materials you gather out in the field will let you outfit your explorer, and with over 500 different pieces of equipment there’s something for every occasion!

Sometimes, a monster will drop a special item which can be used to create friendly versions of your favourite FINAL FANTASY monsters. These beasties can even be recruited and levelled up to fight alongside you on quests – always handy for when you’ve got a couple of slots to fill in your party!

Eventually, your hero will be able to use the Trance system that allows them to channel stunning attacks from classic Summons such as Ifrit and Bahamut, or transform into iconic heroes from the FINAL FANTASY series such as Cloud, Squall and Lightning.

Form a party filled with fantastic heroes, work together to seek out the Grand Crystal and save the planet in FINAL FANTASY EXPLORERS!