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Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Flight Simulation Control System

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Product Description

Complete Flight Control

Developed by world-class aeronautical engineers and pilots, the Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Flight is a complete flight control system that delivers the most immersive, authentic, and modern flying experience on the market. Offering intuitive and realistic controls, VelocityOne™ Flight equips users across all experience levels with an inclusive flight system to experience the thrill of flight. A true to life 180° yoke handle with built-in rudder controls at your fingertips provides precise, long-lasting control of any aircraft. The included modular throttle quadrant, with integrated trim wheel and custom lever handles, offers at-home aviators enhanced customization and a realistic flight experience for both light and heavy aircraft. The VelocityOne™ flight management display and authentic status indicator panel offers real-time alerts and critical flight details to fly the skies in confidence*. A simple USB connection offers Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One or Windows 10 PC users an easy setup process.


  • VelocityOne™ Flight Universal Control System (Yoke Handle, base & Throttle Quadrant)
  • 8x Custom Lever Handles
  • 3x SIP Inserts
  • 4x Nano Micro-Suction Tape
  • Desk Clamp & Clamp Tool
  • 8x Cockpit fixing screws
  • 1m USB-C to USB-C cable
  • 2m USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Universal Design - VelocityOne™ Flight includes everything you need to get off the ground. The included throttle quadrant with a dedicated trim wheel and realistic yoke with integrated rudder controls equips every home pilot with a full suite of controls right out of the box.
  • Realistic Yoke Handle - True to life 180° yoke handle rotation tuned for smooth and precise adjustments of any aircraft. Built to last with a non-contact hall effect sensor in the yoke shaft, you’ll have smooth control over long-term usage.
  • Modular Throttle Quadrant - Dual-lever and vernier controls along with 10 programmable buttons and an integrated pitch trim wheel provide a realistic experience for both light aircraft and heavy jets. Customize your throttle controls with included swappable throttle tops to match your preferred flight experience.
  • Flight Management Display - The full-colour display with dedicated controls helps you learn and configure the system on-the-fly for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Easily switch between profiles for different aircraft and use the training feature to familiarize yourself with each control so you spend less time on the tarmac, and more time in the air*.
  • Integrated Rudder Controls - Taxi, land and turn with ease using integrated rudder controls and toe brake buttons at your fingertips. Execute coordinated turns in the sky with ease and stay straight during takeoff and landing with dedicated rudder controls and make precise taxi maneuvers with integrated brakes.
  • Comprehensive Controls - Flight is equipped with 12 analog axes, two POV switches and two 4-way HAT switches. The axes provide precise control of essential control surfaces and engine systems, and the POV switches ensure you can intuitively change view and focus on critical cockpit information. With an additional 18 assignable buttons, you have everything you need to navigate any aircraft in confidence and remap controls to your preference.
  • Authentic Status Indicator Panel - Receive real-time status alerts and monitor essential cockpit, navigation and engine systems and warnings. Customize the color of the ambient light, and swap between different panels to fine-tune the cockpit to your liking.
  • Pitch Trim Wheel - The dedicated trim wheel enables fine adjustment of aircraft control surfaces and removes the need to maintain pressure on the yoke, for hands-free-flying.
  • Custom Lever Handles - Customize your throttle & lever controls to match your selected aircraft. Use the black, red, and blue tops for prop planes, or swap to all-white tops for jet aircraft.
  • Secure Clamping System - The tight low profile secure mounting system ensures stable integration into your home setup.
  • Designed for Xbox - VelocityOne™ Flight is designed for Xbox and Windows titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020**, X-Plane, Elite Dangerous, War Thunder and more***
  • 3.5MM Headset Port - Connect your 3.5mm headset for immersive audio and coordinate your flight.

*Features are only compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox and Windows 10. Not all features available at launch. New features will be added by software and firmware updates.
**Xbox One and Xbox Cloud Gaming versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 currently do not support VelocityOne™ Flight..
***Supported features may vary by game. Titles other than MSFS 2020 may require manual control mapping like any other normal USB sim controller or joystick.


  • Dimensions: L 483mm x W 496mm x H 183mm
  • USB Connection: Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One | Windows 10 PCs
  • Software Compatibility: Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sim software with USB controller support
  • Input Connectivity: 2M USB-A to USB-C Cable to console or PC
  • Audio Connectivity: 1x 3.5mm audio port for stereo audio and microphone
  • Axes: 12 Axes. Hall effect sensor on main yoke axis. Optical encoder (trim wheel) and variable resistor (levers)
  • Buttons:
    • 2x 8-way POV switches
    • 2x 4-way HAT switches
    • 6x front-facing pushbuttons
    • 2x rear-facing push buttons
    • Xbox system buttons
    • 10x quadrant buttons
  • Screen: Flight Management Display – Full-colour, 320 x 230 with adjustable backlight
  • Lighting: RGB LEDs, adjustable via VelocityOne™ Flight Management Display
  • Status Indicator Panel: (12) RGB LEDs with (3) included swappable backlit status panels
  • Desk Clamp: Included
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