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Total War: Shogun 2 - The Complete Collection

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Mild battle violence, gaming experience may change online More information


Lead vast armies of samurai and fleets of giant warships into breathtaking real-time battles in the Total War: Shogun 2 Collection. With this Steam key, players will have access to the core game (Total War: SHOGUN 2) and seven additional DLC content.

In the darkest age of 16th century Feudal Japan, endless war leaves a country divided into many warring clans. Ten legendary warlords strive for supremacy as conspiracies and conflicts wither the empire. Only one will rise above all to win the heart of a nation as the new shogun...The others will die by his sword.


Take on the role of one Daimyo, the clan leader, and use military engagements, economics and diplomacy to achieve the ultimate goal: re-unite Japan under his supreme command and become the new Shogun – the undisputed ruler of a pacified nation.


Build your kingdom on the inviting and turn-based campaign map, while wielding economic, political, and military power to amass wealth, armies, and influence. Use fire and siege tactics, spies and assassins to adapt to the ever-changing conditions on the battlefield and throughout your kingdom. Battle online and experience the main campaign in two-player mode, then join epic online battles with up to 8 players and lead your online army to glory in special campaigns.


  • Total War: SHOGUN 2:
    • The base game features enhanced full 3D battles via land and sea, which made a name for the series, as well as the tactical campaign map that many refer to as the heart and soul of Total War. Featuring a brand-new AI system inspired by the scriptures that influenced Japanese warfare, the millennia old Chinese “Art of War”, the Creative Assembly brings the wisdom of Master Sun Tsu to Total War: SHOGUN 2. Also includes new RPG skills, hero units and multi-stage Sieges.
  • Total War: SHOGUN 2 - Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack:
    • The Total War: SHOGUN 2 Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack adds 10 new elite units for use across the different game modes of SHOGUN 2. Once you've purchased the content, you will unlock all 10 of these versatile units in single and multiplayer Campaign mode under the conditions stated below. They will also be available in the Avatar Conquest and single player Battle modes of the game when playing with the appropriate clan.
  • Total War: SHOGUN 2 - The Hattori Clan Pack:
    • The Hattori Clan Pack includes all four unlocks previously only available in the Total War: SHOGUN 2 Limited Edition.
  • Total War: SHOGUN 2 - The Ikko Ikki Clan Pack:
    • The Ikko Ikki Clan Pack adds the iconic ‘warrior monk’ clan to Total War: SHOGUN 2 and a wide variety of brand-new content for use across the different game modes of SHOGUN 2.
  • Total War: SHOGUN 2 – Otomo Clan Pack DLC:
    • The Otomo Clan Pack adds a new playable faction to Total War: SHOGUN 2 for use in single or multiplayer Campaign modes and Custom and Multiplayer Battles.
  • Total War: SHOGUN 2: Saints and Heroes Unit Pack:
    • Bolster your Sengoku-era forces with Saints and Heroes, the new Heroic Unit Pack for Total War: Shogun 2. Honed by years of relentless training and tempered in the fires of battle, these nine elite warrior units excel in their fields, and stand head-and-shoulders above their rank-and-file brothers.
  • Total War: SHOGUN 2 - Dragon War Battle Pack:
    • The Dragon War Battle Pack consists of six consecutively-played legendary battles from the Boshin War, depicting the campaign of Saigo Takamori. Previously only available in the “Fall of the Samurai” expansion, they can now be accessed in the original Total War: SHOGUN 2. Do not purchase if you already own "Fall of the Samurai".
  • Total War: SHOGUN 2 - Rise of the Samurai Campaign:
    • Rise of The Samurai is a brand new, independent campaign for Total War: SHOGUN 2 set 400 years before the dramatic civil war depicted in SHOGUN 2.

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