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Forza Motorsport Forza Motorsport

See You At The Starting Line

Climb into the driver's seat and test your skills with Forza Motorsport, the latest driving game title from the Microsoft-exclusive franchise. Race over 500 real-world cars including more than 100 cars new to Forza Motorsport. There are 20 beautiful locales to race through, each with multiple track layouts to master and featuring live on-track scoring, so you can gauge your skill as you drive. Even the weather and time-of-day are dynamic, so no two laps feel the same.

If that's not enough high-octane excitement for you, there are plenty more Forza games to choose from. Test your limits with the Forza Motorsport series, then leave your limits far behind with Forza Horizon. Both series offer hours of racing fun, and a thriving community of players so you'll always be in good company on a lap.

What better way to equip for the track than by exploring our range of Racing Wheel accessories? There's nothing quite like leaning into every corner and nailing those racing lines with racing wheels from Logitech, Moza, and Thrustmaster! Then complete the immersion with our range of gaming headsets. Hear your competitors coming up behind you with enhanced directional sound, crisp and clear audio and comfortable and durable insulation from ambient noise. It's a sure-fire way to keep your head in the race.

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