State of Decay 2 Collector's Edition

State of Decay 2 Collector's Edition

Xbox One  |  Action
R18+ - Restricted to 18 years and over
High impact violence, online interactivity
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Release Date: Fri, 18 May 2018

$169.95 ($50 deposit)
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Product overview

State of Decay 2 Collector's Edition includes:

  • State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition Game
  • Latex Zombie Mask
  • Collectible Steelbook Case
  • Human Brain Steelbook Stand
  • USB Severed Thumb Drive (4GB)
  • Exclusive Iron-On Patch
EB Exclusive Preorder Bonus:
Once a mere fire fighting tool, the Zedpiercer has found a new life with a single purpose: Kill all zombies. Combine that with the Brogan Rapscallion hatchback with a custom paint job and you're set to face the worst. A crate of survival supplies is also included to help jump start your base and community.

How Will You Survive?

Small-Town America, one year from today. The dead have risen, and civilisation has fallen. Even the military couldn’t stop the zombies, and now humanity stands on the brink of extinction. It's up to you to gather survivors and build a community, explore your lasting legacy and redefine what it means to survive.

The ultimate open world zombie survival game.

In State of Decay 2, your base is more than just a place for your survivors to sleep at night. It's your sanctuary, offering protection against the hungry dead lurking beyond the wall. It's your command post, where you plan the perfect zombie-killing strategies. Most of all, it's a manifestation of your personal long-term survival strategies as you customise it with your ideal facilities and improvements. Will you build a watch tower or plant a garden? An infirmary or a workshop? How will you choose to carve out a small slice of civilisation from the chaotic apocalypse?

An open-world adventure

It’s up to you to build your base, develop your characters, and manage resources to survive as a group in this post-apocalyptic zombie world.

RPG progression

Develop each survivor’s skills to improve their capabilities and strengthen your community.

Four player co-op multiplayer

Play solo or team up with up to three friends to explore an open world filled with dynamic zombies, human enemies and the valuable gear necessary to keep your community alive.

Your choices define your survival story

In the zombie apocalypse, you must create your own moral code. Every decision has lasting consequences that you must face. How you decide to survive may surprise you.

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