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Beyond Two Souls (preowned)

Beyond Two Souls (preowned)

PlayStation 4  |  Action
R18+ - Restricted to 18 years and over
Threats of sexual violence and interactive drug use
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Product overview

The power of choice

A personal journey


Experience a gripping and unpredictable action thriller starring Hollywood actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. 


It’s up to you to guide Jodie Holmes through her astonishing life – making story changing decisions that impact not just her but also the mysterious supernatural entity Jodie has been linked with since birth. With spectacular action and adventure sequences set across the globe, will you survive to discover what truly lies beyond?


Go deeper into BEYOND: Two Souls


  •     Test your problem solving skills in the Advanced Experiments DLC missions.
  •     Face a tougher challenge in Skilled Gamer mode.
  •     Choose to experience the story in chronological order for the first time.
  •     Play on your iOS or Android mobile device with the improved Touch mode.


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