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Rock Band Rivals - Band Kit

Rock Band Rivals - Band Kit

PlayStation 4  |  Music
PG - Parental guidance recommended
Parental guidance recommended
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Available for purchase in store only.

Product overview

Rock Band Rivals Band Kit contains:

  • Rock Band4 game software
  • Rock Band Rivals expansion download code
  • A legendary and modernized Rock Band Wireless Fender Jaguar Guitar Controller
  • Rock Band Drum Kit
  • Rock Band Microphone
  • Wooden Drum Sticks
  • Adjustable Guitar Strap
  • Included AA alkaline batteries

Band together with friends and crush your rivals with the Rock Band Rivals Band Kit for PlayStation 4! 

Created by Harmonix Music Systems, Inc., the award-winning developer of innovative music games, Rock Band™ 4 is the best party game on the planet, putting you and your friends on stage to perform the greatest hits in music history. The core game includes a soundtrack of more than 60 songs, and all of the feature updates released over the last year like Practice Mode, Set lists, and Brutal Mode.  You also get access to the Rock Band Music Store and its 1800+ additional great tracks for purchase.   

The Rock Band Rivals expansion brings brand new features to Rock Band 4:

  • Rockudrama: a new dynamic narrative campaign mode where you perform your way through an epic rock documentary about *your* band. 
  • Rivals Mode:  Join Crews to prove your skill and crush your opponents through weekly challenges in Rivals, a brand new competitive online multiplayer mode.


  • Officially licensed for PlayStation 4
  • Officially licensed Wireless Fender Jaguar Guitar Controller
  • Foldable guitar - a useful feature when traveling to Rock Band gigs!
  • Includes drum kit with four durable and responsive drum pads/reinforced metal kick pedal

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