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PlayStation 3 120GB International Console (Refurbished by EB Games) (preowned)

PlayStation 3 120GB International Console (Refurbished by EB Games) (preowned)

PlayStation 3  |  Console Hardware
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Product overview

*Note: This is not an Australian model and may not play region coded DVD's and Blurays. All PlayStation 3 games will work. 

It's not just Preowned...

All Preowned consoles sold by EB Games have undergone rigorous checks by our refurbishment team to make sure the console you purchase lives up to the awesome standard our customers expect.

Before selling a Preowned console we:

  • Inspect all ports and inputs
  • Perform a check on all hardware components
  • Format the hard drive and restore the system
  • Give it a good clean!

On the rare chance your console is anything less than awesome give our Customer Service Team call on 13 39 30 and we'll organise a free return and replacement

What's included?

  • PlayStation 3 120GB International Console (Refurbished, colour of console may vary)(may not play region coded DVD's and Blurays)
  • Controller (May not be official Sony controller. May be wired or wireless)
  • AV Cable

120GB PlayStation 3

The PS3 comes with a range of audio and video options to help get the best possible quality from your TV and audio equipment. It also includes a host of features allowing you to optimise your gaming, internet or movie experience to suit your needs and wants.


  • 2 USB ports:
    Connect devices such as cameras, steering wheels, SingStar microphones, wireless buzzers and more!
  • WiFi:
    Connect to your wireless modem or router with the PS3's in-built wireless 802.11b/g option.
  • LAN Port:
    If you don’t have wireless connection, the PS3 also has an in-built Ethernet port which supports 100-1000MB.
  • HDMI:
    Your PS3 includes an HDMI output, providing you with the optimal 1080p HD video and audio experience through one cable.
  • Optical-Out: This is a standard audio output for home theatre systems that supports Dolby Digital, DTS and THX sound technologies.
  • AV-Out:
    The AV-Out port allows you to use a PlayStation component cable to output in high definition. If you don’t have a high definition screen, the PS3 will work with standard definition TVs using the composite cable that comes with the system.
  • HDD:
    The PS3 comes standard with hard disc drive which allows you to store games, video, music and photo content for easy access. You can also upgrade the hard drive yourself using a standard 2.5” SATA laptop hard drive for more storage.
  • Comes with one controller (May not be official Sony controller)
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