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The Elder Scrolls Online -Tamriel Unlimited (preowned)

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is the first next generation online roleplaying game, delivering a true Elder Scrolls story in a persistent online world. Become the hero you always wanted to be and play the way YOU like. Finish the epic story or help your alliance on the battlefield; the choices are yours to make.


    After 21 years of best-selling, award-winning fantasy role-playing games, the Elder Scrolls series goes online on consoles. 
    Battle, craft, fish, steal, siege, or explore. The choice is yours to make in a persistent Elder Scrolls world. 
    Adventure alone, quest with friends, or join an army of hundreds in epic PVP battles. 
    Discover the secrets of Tamriel as you quest to regain your lost soul and save the world from Oblivion. 

A New Elder Scrolls Adventure

The celebrated Elder Scrolls series is online for the first time. Discover more of Tamriel than you’ve ever seen, from the frozen peaks of Skyrim to the murky depths of Black Marsh—and do it all with your friends by your side! With a vast (and growing) world full of dungeons to delve, ancient mysteries to unravel, and incredible treasures to claim, you’ll find endless reasons to explore every corner of Tamriel.

A World in Peril

Three alliances clash in a struggle to claim Cyrodiil, the heartland of Tamriel, and the chaos of war spreads to every province. Unlikely allies stand together on the battlefield, but a more sinister threat stirs beneath the surface—the Daedric Prince Molag Bal, God of Schemes, is hatching a plan to pull all of Tamriel into his Oblivion realm and enslave every mortal soul. It is in the face of overwhelming odds that champions are forged....

Explore Tamriel

From the icy reaches of Skyrim to the depths of Black Marsh, Tamriel is the perfect home for any explorer. You'll discover dungeons and ruins for solo and group expeditions, quests for the Fighters, Mages, and Undaunted Guilds, dangerous world bosses, hidden Skyshards to collect for skill points, beautiful vistas to admire, tons of in-depth lore books, and more. Indulge your curiosity and see what's waiting for you just over that next rise.

Your Character, Your Strategy

You are more than your class. Pick up and use any weapon, any armor, and choose from an enormous selection of spells and abilities to customize your fighting style—no matter which class you select. Create exactly the hero you envision, try out new abilities, and change out your skills anywhere to adapt to new threats. You’re in control of your character’s fate.

  • Dragon Knight
    Unleash fiery power to devastate your foes, summon shields of earth to protect your friends, and draw on the wrath of dragons to become a terror on the battlefield.
  • Templar
    Become a beacon of might, harnessing the blessed power of the Aedra to heal your allies and sear any foolish enough to stand in your way.
  • Night Blade
    Combine deadly mastery of stealth with insidious siphoning and shadow magic to eliminate your marks with ruthless efficiency.
  • Sorcerer
    Unlock the secrets of magic to summon Daedric minions, master the power of the storm, and discover the true extent of magical power.

Swear Allegiance

Forced to seek allies in the face of war and Daedric invasion, the people of Tamriel have come together under three banners. Each alliance seeks to claim the Ruby Throne in Cyrodiil, drive back the forces of the Daedra, and restore their own ideal of order to the land. But the bonds between them are tenuous at best—ancient enemies must put differences aside for the greater good. Who will you stand with?

  • The Daggerfall Covenant
    The Redguards, a disciplined and martial people, have grudgingly agreed to join the Orcs thanks to the cunning Bretons, whose political and economic savvy make victory for the Covenant seem possible. Despite internal struggles, the Covenant believes that only it can provide the strong leadership and plan for prosperity the Empire needs to survive.
  • The Ebonheart Pact
    Tensions run deep between these unlikely allies, forced to stand together against the threat of Molag Bal and incursions from enemy alliances. The dour, magically-gifted Dark Elves have joined the reptilian Argonians—former slaves from mysterious Black Marsh—and boisterous Nords in a bid for sovereignty.
  • The Aldmeri Dominion
    Convinced that the younger, less sophisticated races have dominated Tamriel too long, the Dominion seeks to right the course of history. The cultured and typically reclusive High Elves have emerged from their ancestral home beside the Wood Elves and crafty Khajiit to usher in a new Era of peace and law.

Prepare for War

The Alliance War rages across Cyrodiil as each army vies to conquer the Imperial City. Huge fortifications are under siege day and night as battles for control play out all over the province. Join in the fight and represent your alliance, using powerful siege weapons and tactical prowess to defeat players from the enemy alliances and claim glory for yourself! Will you be crowned as Emperor?

Craft, Trade and More.

The in-depth crafting system allows you to become a master clothier, woodworker, blacksmith, alchemist, enchanter, and provisioner, creating everything from powerful weapons and armor to delicious stat-boosting meals. Guild stores and kiosks promote trade throughout the cities for the enterprising merchant, and there's always work for an adventurer.

An Immersive World

In a living, persistent Elder Scrolls world, you will always find something new to explore and new friends to explore it with.

  • Respect the Law... or Don't
    The citizens of Tamriel all have their own possessions and treasures, and they can be yours. Steal, murder, and get away with it—if you’re stealthy enough. There are those who would take offense at your actions, though, so be prepared to face the consequences if you’re discovered. The far-reaching Justice System punishes those who ignore the law.
  • Veteran Content
    There's plenty of adventure waiting for you even after you complete the main story. Journey beyond level 50 and discover veteran versions of dungeons that continue the stories and introduce tough new bosses, challenge yourself with 12-player Trials, earn glory for your 4-player team in the Dragonstar Arena, explore the Adventure Zone Craglorn, and much more.
  • Become a Champion
    Your character doesn't stop growing at 50. As you continue playing and exploring Tamriel, you'll earn Champion Points to spend on a variety of traits that make your character even stronger. Spend your Champion Points to unlock more passive skills and earn more powerful bonuses for all your characters.
  • Show Your Style
    Create your own personal look with over 150 dyes for your armor. As you complete new achievements, you'll unlock a broader palette. Hunt down challenging achievements to earn rare colors and show the world your accomplishments. Every piece of armor can have three different dyes, making it easy to design the perfect look for your character.
  • NPC's with Personality
    Fully-voiced characters use our new, lifelike facial animation technology to bring emotion and meaning to your quests. You'll get to know and care about the denizens of Tamriel as you aid them during this tumultuous time. Don't be surprised if you find yourself wondering how your favorite NPCs are doing!
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