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PS Vita 2000 WiFi (preowned)

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It's not just Preowned...

All Preowned consoles sold by EB Games have undergone rigorous checks by our refurbishment team to make sure the console you purchase lives up to the awesome standard our customers expect.

Before selling a Preowned console we:

  • Inspect all ports and inputs
  • Perform a check on all hardware components
  • Format the hard drive and restore the system
  • Give it a good clean!

On the rare chance your console is anything less than awesome give our Customer Service Team call on 13 39 30 and we'll organise a free return and replacement

What's included?

  • PS Vita 2000 WiFi (colour of console may vary)
  • AC adapter (preowned)

PS Vita 2000 WiFi

Meet the slimmer, lighter PS Vita.

The PS Vita 2000 series puts unbelievable gaming and entertainment in your pocket, giving you all the outstanding features of PS Vita with a thinner, more portable design.

  • 1GB internal storage
    With 1GB of storage built-in, you can start playing games straight away.
    Need extra storage? No problem – you can add an 8GB, 16GB or 32GB memory card* to your PS Vita and store even more games, apps, photos and videos.
    *Additional memory cards sold separately.
  • A lighter, slimmer design
    We've redesigned the PS Vita system's body to be even sleeker – 20% thinner and 15% lighter in fact. So now it's even easier to take your favourite games with you wherever you go.
  • Longer battery life
    PS Vita 2000 series features a more powerful battery – meaning you can play your favourite games for up to six hours non-stop, or watch movies for up to seven hours.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
    Connect to Wi-Fi and jump online to join your friends in multiplayer games, download the latest titles from PlayStation Store, get connected to your favourite social networks and watch videos direct from YouTube.
  • A crystal-clear five inch LCD screen
    Whether you're playing games, watching movies or YouTube videos, or interacting with friends via a range of social apps, you'll be doing it on a super-sharp five inch touchscreen.
  • Dual analog stick control
    Play your favourite games with absolute control thanks to the unique PS Vita dual analog stick control. Whether you love racing games, shooters, sports games or anything else, PS Vita offers an uncompromised gaming experience.

Remote Play

*PlayStation 4 sold seperately

Ever found yourself behind enemy lines in an epic battle, taking first place in a turbo-charged supercar, or locked into a thrilling cup final match against your bitterest rival – and someone needs to use your TV? With Remote Play* for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, you'll never have to worry again.

Play PS4 games on your PS Vita

Remote Play is the amazing feature that lets you continue your game on your PS Vita without missing a beat. Using your home Wi-Fi network, you can play a whole range of PS4 games on the crystal-clear 5-inch PS Vita screen, including blockbuster titles like Killzone: Shadow Fall, and KNACK.

As long as your PS4 is switched on and the two systems stay connected via Remote Play, every feature of an amazing range of PS4 games will be available to play on your PS Vita – including any online multiplayer modes as well as the full single player storyline experience.

Perfect partners

Pairing your PS4 and your PS Vita for Remote Play is quick and easy – and you'll only have to do it once for the two systems to stay connected.  Below is our quick-start guide to setting up Remote Play:

  • First, sign in to your Sony Entertainment Network account on both your PS4 and your PS Vita using the same account details.
  • Ensure that you're within Wi-Fi signal range so that a strong connection can be made between your PS4 and PS Vita systems.
  • On your PS4, go to the Settings menu, select PS Vita Connection Settings, then choose Add Device – this will generate a unique code that you'll need for pairing the two systems.
  • Next, on your PS Vita, open the PS4 Link app. This app will have been installed as part of the system software 3.0 update, so make sure your PS Vita is up to date. Choose Remote Play from the app, search for your PS4, then enter your code when prompted.
  • Your PS4 and PS Vita will now be linked – anything that your PS4 displays will also be shown on your PS Vita screen. You'll need to keep your PS4 switched on and stay within Wi-Fi range to use Remote Play, but you're free to change the channel of your TV, or switch it off completely.

Now you're ready to unlock your PS Vita system's full potential and start playing PS4 games on the crystal-clear 5-inch display.

*High-capacity Internet connection required. Some games may not support this feature.

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