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Borderlands - Female Psycho Pop! Vinyl Figure

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Borderlands - Female Psycho Pop! Vinyl Figure - Packshot 1
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Another walking meat puppet!

In the distant future, several colonization ships head to a planet on the edge of the galaxy: Pandora. The colonists discover that the planet offers little aside from decrepit alien ruins. When the companies mining the planet leave, they let loose the criminals they had employed as forced labour and left any other colonists there. Seven earth years on, as dangerous and horrifying creatures begin to emerge, a mysterious alien Vault is discovered, said to contain vast untold stores of alien technology and secrets. As rumours of this wealth spark a renewed interest in Pandora, the race is on to find the Vault and claims its treasures.

This Tubbz Duck Figurine features a Psycho, a bandit gone insane with a freakish obsession for the Vault. These outlaws can be immediately identified by their homicidal cries, psychotic laughter and constant desire to get in close combat.


  • Size: 9.5cm tall approx
  • Material: Plastic/Vinyl

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