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Nintendo amiibo (Diablo III) - Loot Goblin Character Figure (preowned)

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Nintendo amiibo (Diablo III) - Loot Goblin Character Figure - Packshot 1
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It can be a hard slog defeating hoards of monsters and difficult bosses, but at least there's a pot of gold and loot at the end of the fight. Watch out though, because every now and again an enterprising Loot Goblin may take advantage of this loot drop and grab your coin for himself! If you're quick though, every time you deal damage it will drop some of those stolen coins, and when killed they drop their entire loot all over the floor!

Use your character's amiibo Portal from their inventory (all characters have one by default) to open a Rainbow Portal. Tap your Loot Goblin amiibo to change it to a Golden Portal that will transport you to The Vault - the mysterious, treasure-filled realm of the Treasure Goblins and their enigmatic Baroness, Greed. Then, deal as much damage as you can to win back your loot from their stash! It's a great way to boost your loot stores and coin purse. But remember, you can only use the amiibo to access the portal once per day.


  • Touch
    • Touch your amiibo figure to the Wii U GamePad controller to bring it to life in the game
  • Train
    • Train your amiibo to supercharge its stats and expand its abilities
    • Customize special moves for your amiibo
  • Triumph
    • Take your amiibo to a friend's house and pit your amiibo against your friends' amiibo figures
    • Fight against your own amiibo to teach it new tactics
    • Team up with your amiibo and fight together
    • Send your amiibo into battle against your friend


  • Compatibility:
    • Switch (right Joy-Con)
  • Each amiibo figure can store 1 character profile