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Rick and Morty - Smiling Morty 16" Plush

Rick and Morty - Smiling Morty 16" Plush - Packshot 1
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"You know, Rick, when I first saw all those Ricks and Mortys, I thought, "Gee, that kinda devalues our bond." But then I realized it just means that our relationship must be pretty special to span over all those different timelines." - Morty

Morty might be your average under-achieving, underconfident, pimply 14-year-old, but interdimensional travel and a constantly changing background of violent and dangerous scenarios in alien environments with his overly critical, over-intelligent yet somewhat attached grandfather are bound to leave their mark on a person. 

Add this for-once-not-completely-terrified Morty plush to your collection today!