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Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rivals of the Pharaoh Booster Pack

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Centered around the theme of the Pharaoh, the new card set features never-before cards alluded to in the animated series, including spells and creatures from some of the earliest episodes.  The “Neutron Blast” spell allows the iconic “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” to attack three times in one turn, while “Dark Sanctuary” can make opponent’s attacks backfire and “Silent Magician” can quiet spell cards as it grows in power.

Rivals of the Pharaoh will include a total of 46 cards used by the opponent’s of the Pharaoh in the show, with 11 of them new to the game.  The set has 24 Common, 10 Rare, 6 Super Rare, and 6 Ultra Rare cards.

Each Booster Pack contains 5 random cards.