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Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard (preowned)

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard - Packshot 1
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There's never been another hero quite like Matt Hazard. In the 1980s, he reached the apex of the gaming world, becoming one of the most popular video game heroes. Once he retired from the gaming scene, the world thought they had heard the last of Matt Hazard. Now he's ready to make his dramatic comeback, leaving retirement behind to enter the next-gen video game scene and face off against his old adversaries once again. With only the mysterious "QA" to help him, Matt must fight against a legion of Marathon Megasoft catalogue of videogame characters to keep it from being "Game Over" forever. Eat Lead pays homage to the games of yesteryear with a menagerie of classic enemies such as zombies, space marines, cowboys, genetically mutated super snipers, and more and an expansive level environment design that reflects videogame history in a next-gen package. The game fires on all cylinders with explosive artillery and combat moves to help gamers escape from a variety of predicaments including radically-changing environments during gameplay via "hack effects" Hazard's nemesis uses by altering the game's code on the fly. Throughout the adventure, players will utilize a strategic cover system dubbed "point and cover," upgradeable weapons and different interactive melee moves to attack and outsmart foes. 

  • Play as Matt Hazard, the formerly world-renowned video game hero who's emerged from retirement to take on a wild array of baddies
  • Watch a variety of gaming clichés and conventions get turned on their heads as you battle cowboys, wizards, karate masters and other all-too-typical video game characters, all in the same game
  • Take advantage of the innovative point-and-cover system as you shoot up your assorted adversaries
  • See Matt Hazard's action-packed world come to hilarious life before you thanks to unique visuals delivered with polished next-gen style
  • Features the voices of actors Neil Patrick Harris and Will Arnett and a script by WGA Award-winning writer David Elis
  • For 1 player