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Four Heroes Search the Deadly Gauntlet For Untold Riches - WILL THEY MAKE IT OUT ALIVE?

For ages, fool-hardy adventurers have been lured by promises of countless treasures in the depths of the Gauntlet, yet none have ever made it out alive. The corrupt wizard Morak conjures minions and devious traps against would-be champions and taunts them all along the way. But a new group of heroes looks to succeed where all others have failed.


  • Warrior, Valkyrie, Elf, and Wizard – each has their own reason for entering the Gauntlet but all four are bound together for one goal: to survive the Gauntlet and claim the ultimate prize!
  • Magical relics - Try to turn the odds in your favour by equipping yourself with powerful relics found within the Gauntlet. Will these magical Relics protect you and your party from danger or will they just get you into even more trouble?
  • How will you die? - Hordes of monsters, powerful bosses, devious traps and even Death itself stand in between you and claiming the Gauntlet’s treasures. But your biggest challenge may come from the allies who stand beside you as the heroes are competing for the riches found within.
  • When all the challenges of the Gauntlet are set against you, the question isn’t how will you survive. Instead, ask yourself
  • 4 Distinct Characters:
    • Warrior - Armed with his giant AXE, the Warrior leaves a trail of blood and bones in his wake as he marauds through the Gauntlet. Thor relies on melee attacks and his brute strength to tear through his foes. For beasts that are particularly fast, he can jump towards them and cleave them in half and if surrounded on all sides he can utilize a spinning attack that turns him into a whirling tornado of death.
    • Valkyrie - Thyra can be spotted tearing up the battlefield in her brilliant plate armour. She wields a LANCE and SHIELD to mete out justice to all those she deems unworthy. The Valkyrie has several attacks with her lethal armaments including a pulverizing frontal charge and using her shield throw to slice through multiple enemies. When Thyra’s shield is up, she can deflect direct assaults and counter with a forceful shove.
    • Elf - Taking swift aim with his BOW and ARROWS, Questor’s quick feet and sharpshooting skills make him a formidable ranged attacker. Questor can release a volley of arrows upon the monster hordes, charge up a single arrow for a lethal shot, or use explosive tipped arrows to clear out a pocket of attackers! The elf can also utilize a rolling tumble to quickly dodge attacks and the various traps that litter the dungeons.
    • Wizard - Merlin is one of the most powerful magicians in the realm with a plethora of magic spells literally at his fingertips. He can blast adversaries with a fiery ball of molten lava, trap them in an arcane black hole, or electrify them with arcing bolts. And with his mastery of the inscrutable arts, the wizard can mix and match these enchantments in bewildering combinations.