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Fri, 04 Nov 2022
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A Life and Death for all seasons...

Our story takes place on a planet where four giant crystals exist, known as the Seaslight. The Seaslight govern the seasons, and all life receives their blessings.

Yet, catching everyone unaware, the Seaslight start behaving abnormally. As the seasons change, "Quietus" begins to visit in the interim between seasons. Quietus - the season of death. The Seaslight glow with a strange light, emitting vast quantities of dust formed of light that threatens all life. Crops wither and people cannot even walk outside.

During one particular Quietus, a traveller collapses in an isolated village our protagonist. Upon their meeting with a certain girl, a new adventure stirs.

HARVESTELLA is a Life Simulation RPG where you can enjoy daily life, socializing, and adventuring in the fantasy world, resplendent in the four seasons.

Time passes each day, from morning to midnight. You are free to carry out daily activities, socialize, or go adventuring as you please. The seasons change every 30 days, from Spring to Summer to Autumn to Winter, and the crops you can grow will change with each season.


  • Daily Life: Farming - In your fields, you can grow vegetables, grains, and fruits that correspond to the season. Once you've harvested your crops, you can sell them for money or use them as ingredients in cooking.
  • Daily Life: Cooking and Crafting - At home, you can craft and cook items that you'll need on your adventure. The food you cook can provide myriad benefits, including restoring HP, and some recipes even grant status boosts!
  • Socializing - You'll receive useful rewards by clearing quests given by townspeople, whether money or items. As you complete character stories, you can become closer to them.
  • Adventure: Overworld - On the overworld, there are various towns and dungeons, vibrantly depicting the four Expect to meet new characters in towns and fearsome enemies in dungeons. By obtaining a submarine, you'll be able to explore some parts of the ocean.
  • Adventure: Combat - Overcome battles by using joint attacks with party members and switching instantly between a wide variety of Jobs. Hit the enemy's weaknesses to deal great amounts of damage.
  • Adventure: Jobs - Each job has a unique weapon and characteristic skills. Jobs have different attack styles, such as physical or magical.
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