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Mild fantasy themes, gambling references and violence, online interactivity More information

Star in your own adventure alongside your favourite people!

Cast your friends, family or anyone you choose in a hilarious adventure to bring down the face-stealing Dark Lord. Create and customize Mii™ characters of anyone you like - from your favourite celebrities to your dreaded math teacher - and assign them roles and personality traits in the fantasy adventure of a lifetime. You can even add wigs and makeup to give your characters more... character. Watch your characters come to life as your favourite actor and dear old grandma team up to topple the villainous Dark Lord that resembles your grumpy neighbour!


  • Foster friendship between your hand-picked Mii characters - Pair up your Mii characters at inns to build their relationships and see some personality-packed interactions. You may hear some hot gossip on grandma or find your best friend and mom doing pushups! Characters may also learn skills like "lend a hand" and help each other out during battle. Outings let you send character pairs on bonding experiences at the beach, a café, and more. Even your trusty horse can lend a hoof!
  • Bring your friends into battle - Engage in turn-based combat against outlandish baddies like the gyrating Twerkey to gain experience and level up characters. Tailor your strategy by assigning Mii characters jobs like mage, warrior, and pop star that will determine their approach to battle. Need a boost? Food is used to recover health and magic to keep your party in fighting shape.