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The Lost Child (preowned)

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A Holy Feud begins now

Hayato Ibuki, a journalist for an occult magazine, is investigating mysterious suicides that have been happening at Shinjuku Station. While he's investigating, a black shadow pushes him onto the tracks. At the last moment, a beautiful girl named Balucia saves him and hands him a case. The case, like Pandora's box, should not be opened.

Inside the case, you find the demon gun Gangour, a tool used to capture and use demons and fallen angels. Hayato uses it to turn a demon into a team member. With the Gangour in hand, Hayato, accompanied by the self-proclaimed angel, Lua, investigate mysteries around the country while looking for that beautiful girl. Little does he realize that he is caught between the ambitions of the dark rulers and the expectations of the angels...

Hayato is given a case by the mysterious, beautiful girl, Balucia. One day, an angel named Lua appears before him, claiming that he is the Chosen One. While Hayato is walking around the Shinjuku area with Lua, he is attacked by a hooded figure who it turns out is a demon called a "Deep One." Hayato powers up the Gangour, captures and then uses the demon. Lua, while supporting Hayato, tries to look for her missing sister, Balucia. Hayato and Lua head to Akihabara to investigate a mysterious rumour.


  • Adventure - It is Hayato's job as a journalist to investigate the many rumours that are swirling around. He does this by travelling all over Japan and talking to people in person. The information he collects leads him to even bigger stories, and sometimes even demons.
  • Tablet Menu - In addition to the Gangour, Hayato and Lua are given a tablet with mysterious powers. The tablet allows them to check information about each Astral, such as its stats, skills, and status. Each Astral has its own characteristics. For example, some have high stats or powerful skills. Capture powerful Astrals to get reliable comrades.
  • Battle - The battles are turn-based. You will encounter many Astrals (categorized as angels, demons, and fallen angels) inside layers. Use the Gangour to capture any new Astrals you battle. Issue commands and switch out your Astrals depending on the situation.
  • Skills - By using the skills of your Astrals strategically, you can gain an advantage in battle. One way is by using skills that exploit the elemental weaknesses of your enemies. Skills have a variety of effects, such as healing or buffs. Victory will depend on how well you use skills.