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Fallout - Nuka Cola 8" Lamp

Fallout - Nuka Cola 8" Lamp - Packshot 1
Fallout - Nuka Cola 8" Lamp - Packshot 2
Fallout - Nuka Cola 8" Lamp - Packshot 3
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Vault-Boy Approved! 

Get a buff to your charisma and increase the happiness in your settlement by serving up some ice-cold Nuka-Cola. Nothing hits the spot on a hot day quite like the Thirst Zapper. The only trick is finding it. Unless you're in fabulous Nuka-World, it can be hard to come by. That's why we make use of as much refuse from the bottle as possible - hey, Nuka Caps didn't become the default post-war currency by accident.

Once you do polish off your ice-cold, refreshing beverage, and you've spent your cap on some power armor upgrades, what better way to use the bottle than by turning into a stunning Nuka Cola lamp? Like this one! That residual glow from the drink will keep the bottle emitting rads light for years to come!