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Pokemon - Pokeball Analog Wristwatch

Pokemon - Pokeball Analog Wristwatch - Packshot 1
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Time to catch 'em all!

Back in the day, there was just the humble old Poké Ball. Not the greatest apparatus to capture pokemon, but it worked. Most of the time. Then there were great balls, ultra-balls, the elusive Master ball, then luxury balls, repeat balls, quick balls, timer balls, net balls, dusk balls - just about any type of Poké Ball you could want, geared towards capturing a specific pokemon type, or changing based on circumstances. Pokemon trainers today sure do have it easy with so many options!

Timing is everything as a trainer - the best time of day to catch certain pokemon, the best moment to throw the pokeball, even learning new moves and evolving, it all comes down to timing. Never lose track of time with this Pokeball wrist watch from Accutime!