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Resident Evil Deadly Silence (preowned)

Resident Evil Deadly Silence - Packshot 1
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Strong violence, Blood and gore More information
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To make sure it lives up to the awesome standard you’d expect, we:
  • Perform a check on all components
  • Inspect all ports and inputs
  • Refurbish or replace parts to meet our standards
  • Format the console and restore the system
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A remake of the first Resident Evil game with the DS's unique feature set in mind as you work your way through the now classic storyline involving Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and that well-known mansion that introduced the world to Resident Evil back in 1996. Zombies are now smarter and actually work their way around doors as they chase after you. You'll find that there's no solace in a room that you think you've completely freed from zombie infestation.

Whereas the original game focused more on puzzle solving, the new version's "rebirth mode" design places a heavy emphasis on action with more enemies and ammo. Also, nearly half the puzzles have been freshly upgraded providing new challenges for fans. The DS's special features are being put to use in the remake as well, as you use the touchpad to solve puzzles and slash at zombies. Also featured are 2-4 player wireless mode (in Co-Op and VS challenges).

* Dual screens offer a more accessible player interface

* Top screen displays area map, ammo supply and colour denoted health meter

* Bottom screen features main action view and also switches to sub screen menus

* Touch panel provides innovative gameplay variety

* New battle elements using touch screen - control the knife with the stylus to slash enemies and even deflect jumping dogs

* Fend off enemies - an effective maneuver for escaping an enemy's deadly clutches is to move the stylus quickly back and forth over your foe which will shake them off

* Navigate sub screen menus by using either the touch screen or regular buttons

* New enhanced controls

* Reload function - allows players to quickly and easily refill their equipped weapons

* Quick 180-degree turn - provides much needed agility to escape dangerous situations

* Knife button - permanently mapped knife can be used at any time, reducing one item from the inventory

* Microphone function - solve puzzles and even resuscitate your injured teammate by blowing into the microphone

* Multiplayer network gameplay in specially created mansion map

* Two to four players can play wirelessly

* Vs. mode - players compete for high scores by defeating the most enemies and performing the quickest escapes Cooperative mode - work together with others to solve puzzles, collect items and get out of the mansion