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Yo-Kai Watch (preowned)

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Find, befriend and battle hundreds of Yo-kai in the Smash Hit Direct from Japan!


  • With the power of the Yo-kai watch, find and befriend more than 200 hidden Yo-kai, found everywhere in the world, and call upon their powers when you need their help. 
  • Assemble a team of six Yo-kai in your watch to defeat evil and help people. Each Yo-kai has its own unique skills and strengths, so use strategy to assemble your team to address different problems and fight different evil Yo-kai.
  • Make your Yo-kai Watch more powerful and upgrade your Yo-kai as you play through the story.

Unleash the power of your yo-kai watch!

Your Yo-kai Watch will let you see and battle Yo-kai causing mayhem around town.

Make friends with Yo-kai, then assemble a team to defeat evil and help your friends and neighbors in the town of Springdale.

  • I Spy Yo-Kai
    There are over 200 types of Yo-kai lurking in the shadows around town. Do you have what it takes to find them all?
  • Team Up and Take 'em On 
    It takes more than just strong Yo-kai to win a battle. You also need a smart strategy!
  • Be a Good Yo-Kai Coach 
    Your Yo-kai do most of the battling themselves, but you can help them in four important ways:
    • Soultimate - Unleash the ultimate Yo-kai moves.
    • Target - Help your Yo-kai focus on a certain foe, or a weak spot on a boss.
    • Purify - If your Yo-kai gets Inspirited in battle, heal it and gain extra experience points.
    • Item - Use items you've collected to help your team or to get an opponent to like you.

The Story Begins...

A self-proclaimed “Yo-kai butler”, Whisper is determined to help Nate learn more about Yo-kai—whether Nate wants to or not!

One summer day in the town of Springdale, a painfully average boy, Nate, sets out to collect insects for a school science project but instead of bugs, though, Nate finds a loud-mouthed Yo-kai named Whisper locked inside a Crank-a-kai machine! He gives Nate a Yo-kai Watch, a device that lets humans see the normally invisible Yo-kai. Now Nate uses the watch to investigate mysteries around town, convincing Yo-kai to give up their hi-jinks and instead use their powers for good.

Jibanyan Strikes!

One of the first Yo-kai Nate discovers is Jibanyan. When he's not lying around eating chocolate bars, Jibanyan likes to practice his fighting moves on passing trucks—usually with painful results!

Adventure Awaits in Springdale...

In the YO-KAI WATCH game, you will travel across a vast landscape, from mountain back roads to bustling city streets, meeting lots of different people and even some Yo-kai that will ask you for help.

Some of your quests are part of the story, but others are just for fun. Either way, doing these are a great way for your Yo-kai to gain experience and get stronger. You can even earn some cool items!

Discover the Power Yo-Kai

Practice Makes Perfect
The more your Yo-kai friends battle, the quicker they will level-up and become more powerful. Luckily, there are tons of wild Yo-kai roaming your town to practice battling with.

Double Trouble - They say two heads are better than one, but what about two Yo-kai?

Yo-kai Fusion is an ancient technique that combines certain Yo-kai together to make a new, more powerful combo. You can even fuse some Yo-kai with items you might find around town! Experiment with different combinations and see what you can come up with.

Known only as Legends, they are the most powerful Yo-kai and the hardest to defeat. If you collect all the Medals for a Legend page of the Yo-kai Medallium, though, a Legend Yo-kai will befriend you!

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Platform Nintendo 3DS Franchise Yo-Kai Watch Developer Level 5 Genre Role Playing Category Video Games Sku208264