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Stealth VR200 Virtual Reality Headset

Stealth VR200 Virtual Reality Headset

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Product overview

  • Compatibility: Works with all smartphones; Android, iOS & Google Cardboard apps
  • Visual Immersion: Opaque visor (with detachable front for AR) which blocks out all external visual stimuli
  • Audio Immersion: Access port for audio headphone connection
  • Design & Practicality: Stylish with breathable comfort eye padding, held in place by adjustable padded stretch headband
  • Maintenance: Cleaning cloth allows you to keep lenses crystal clear
  • Adjustability: 42mm lenses with separate focal lens distance adjustment dials to suit individual preference
  • Power: Access ports to allow charging and headphone alongside use

The VR200 is a premium Mobile VR headset designed to give you the perfect VR experience. 42mm lenses give unrivalled clarity to make your virtual experience completely unforgettable. Breathable leatherette eye padding and headband support ensure that the user is comfortable at all times. The folding visor gives full access to both sides of the lenses and the magnetic front panel is detachable for AR and device-cooling purposes. Stylistically, the VR200 is totally unique in cool white with embossed panelling and a red trim.

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