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Destiny 2: Official Collector’s Edition Guide

Destiny 2: Official Collector’s Edition Guide

PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One  |  Strategy Guides
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Product overview

  • Premium Double-Sided Dust Jacket - Features a unique cover design on the exterior and an interior that showcases additional artwork from Bungie.
  • One of Three Deluxe, Collectible Covers - Beneath the premium dust jacket, each hardbound cover features one of three special designs based on the Hunter, Warlock, or Titan - this design is chosen at random.
  • A Special Message for Fans - This Collector’s Edition guide features a foreword written by the Game Director of Destiny 2.
  • Art Gallery - A collection of artwork and concepts from the creators at Bungie
  • The Multiplayer - Crucible Tips, tactics, and detailed maps to help you win in Guardian combat.
  • The Armory - A rundown of exotic and rare gear for you to hunt down in game.
  • The Field Manual - Information about new features in Destiny 2 and strategies to help refine your playstyle.
  • The Enemies - Art, intel, and combat behaviors for the denizens of the Destiny 2 universe. What to expect from your foes and how to take them down.
  • The Missions - Your guide to the world of Destiny 2 — featuring a walkthrough of the Campaign, Strikes, and more. 
  • The Director Atlas - Detailed maps and information for the worlds within Destiny 2 — locate chests, enemy groups, bosses, and learn other valuable intel.
  • Free eGuide - Use the enhanced eGuide to access interactive maps and expanded coverage of the side missions and additional activities available in Destiny 2.
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