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Tt esports Poseidon Z RGB Mechnical Keyboard

Tt esports Poseidon Z RGB Mechnical Keyboard

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Product overview


  • Fully 16.8M RGB LED Back-lit Mechanical Keyboard with 5 Levels of Brightness 
  • Full 104 Layout Keyboard, CLASSIC SHAPE with LIGHT And SLEEK Styling
  • Upgraded 32 Bit ARM Contex-m0 MCU (Microcontroller
  • Unit)
  • Disable Windows Key: Turn Windows Key Into CTRL Key
  • Full Anti-ghosting Keys – No More Worries On Ghost Keys!
  • USB N-key Rollover Support – Fully N-key Rollover Support Via USB
  • Switchable N-key Rollover / 6-key Rollover Function
  • Enhance Benefits Of Per-key 16.8 Million Color Animated Backlighting 
  • Impressive Wave, Ripple, Unique Lighting Effects And Other Splendid Features
  • Programmable Macro Feature Via Keyboard Software Or On-the-fly
  • All Keys(besides Win And Fn Key) Can Become A Macro Key In Game Mode, Total Support 510 Macro Sets (5 Profiles X 102 Macros)

The Most Powerful Poseidon Series Keyboard
POSEIDON Z RGB More than a color effect. All hardware feature we add. Such as 6-Key / N-key switch and Macro Record on-the-Fly …etc. More Hardware feature we put in POSEIDON Z RGB. Everything you want to

adjust you can use hotkey to do what you want. There are not just can adjust through keyboard. You can adjust by software too, which makes it user-friendly for everyone!

Classic Shape with Light & Sleek 
StylingThe light and sleek keyboard provides an excellent typing experience, day or night. The light brightness is user controlled and can be dimmed or brightened depending on the user preference. Definitely is the right mechanical keyboard for both gamers and keyboard enthusiasts.

What is RGB?
The RGB model defines a color by giving the intensity level of red, green and blue light that mix together to create a greater color. To form a beautiful RGB color, the three light beams (one red, one green, and one blue) must be overlaid. The RGB color model itself does not meant by red, green, and blue, but it is the results of blending them together to produce colors that are just relative to the primary colors and our POSEIDON Z RGB has built with 3 colors in each LED that make the final color's spectrum!

RGB LED Illumination
POSEIDON Z RGB gives a spectrum of visual effects featuring 16.8 million colors, not just with an impressive spectrum of colors but with customized lighting controls that allows you to battle in the dark! 

  • Per-key illumination: Each key is laser engraved, to allow the letters and symbols to light up blue. Using this method, the lettering also will not fade over time.
  • 5 Adjustable Brightness Levels: Offering 5 levels of adjustable brightness (Include OFF) that brings style and night-time functionality straight to your desktop.

The Real 16.8 million
Colors With our new POSEIDON Z RGB, the intensity of each color can vary from 0 to 255,with 0 (zero) indicating the minimum intensity. Gamers can manage the colors (0~255, 0~255, 0~255) with both keyboard and software to produce the stunning colors via the communication with the microcontroller (MCU). The MCU will then send command to the LED Controller to locate each key to deliver the finest color spectrum. POSEIDON Z RGB uses the newest technology for the microcontroller (32BIT ARM CORTAX-M0) and the 3 LED controllers (16 Bit) to control each Red, Green & Blue light. When all 16 bits are used, one of the components (usually green, see below) gets an extra bit, allowing 64 levels of intensity for that component, and a total of 65,536 available colors. POSEIDON Z RGB uses 8-bit for each Red, Green and Blue color (total of 24-bit) with 256 shades of red, 256 shades of green, and 256 shades of blue, equals to 16.8 million colors, giving you the millions of possible colors! * (0~255, 0~255, 0~255) is the Red (0~255), Green (0~255) & Blue (0~255) intensity. For instance, (0, 0, 0) is Black, (255, 255, 255) is White, and (255, 0, 255) is Magenta.

Powerful Game Mode feat. ISS function

  • In Normal Mode, POSEIDON Z RGB acts as a standard keyboard without macros.
  • In Game Mode, you can set every key (without Fn and Win key) as a macro key.
  • You can switch the WINDOWS key to CTRL key with the WIN KEY LOCK button.
  • The I.S.S. (Instant Shift System) allows users to use either the Shift, Ctrl, or Alt key to quickly switch between macro groups and give immediate access to all 510 macro keys).

Fully Antighosting and 6-Key / N-Key Rollover
With the USB N-Key Rollover function, the POSEIDON Z RGB improve more function 6-Key Rollover be compatible MAC OSX.

POSEIDON Z RGB | Color up your weapon Full Anti-Ghosting designed to hit combinations of keys at once to make sure your gaming session is as fluid as it can be without obstacles!


  • Mechanical: Tt CerZfied Switches Blue/Brown
  • Travel distance:
    • Total 4mm to bottom
    • Trigger 2mm to actuation
  • Actuation Force:
    • Blue SWITCH (60 cN, click)
    • Brown SWITCH (55cN,soft)
  • Life expectancy: 60 Million keystrokes Full 104 key
  • Polling Rate:1000Hz
  • Backlight: RGB 16.8M color LED with 5 levels of brightness(included OFF)

System Compatibility

  • OS: MAC OSX, Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 are recommended 
  • USB Port: Requires a PC with a available USB port.
  • 30MB Storage: Software installation takes up to 30MB of space.
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