E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic Updated Impressions

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During the afternoon's EA presentation at this year's E3, Bioware gave MMO fans another treat in the form of Star Wars: The Old Republic. However, the presentation was nothing more than another trailer meant for more hype.

Bioware's General Manager Dr. Greg Zeschuck was on stage and was talking about the company's past games in brief, leading up to them being handed the chance to work on Star Wars thanks to LucasArts. He said that the biggest challenge was communicating what the company made throughout the game's long development cycle. He said that Bioware will be showing off raids, Tatooine, and hands-on time at EA's booth during E3.

The trailer opened with two narratives side-by-side; a woman's voice that represented the Galactic Republic and a coarse man's voice that represented the Sith. The Galactic Republic have to defend their home, while the Sith wish to reclaim their ancient home. The trailer also showed off the many locations like Alderaan and Coruscant from past trailers.

We then saw many jump cuts of Jedis and soldiers representing their respective sides and fighting each other with all manners of lightsabers, force powers, and artillery. Single blade, double-ended blades, dual lightsabers, lightning shots from fingertips, flamethrowers: both sides went all-out with snippets of the Phantom Menace theme scoring the entire fighting montage.

Given its grandiose nature, the trailer was definitely meant to emphasize how big the war between the two factions will become. There also wasn't a release date of the game yet, so fans will have to wait a little longer before the game comes into fruition. The trailer also showed that The Old Republic will make use of the service that allows viewers to watch and download exclusive content from EA and their partners.