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Fallout  - Chess Set

Fallout - Chess Set

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Product overview

Battle in the ultimate strategy game with some of the Wasteland's most notorious inhabitants. This must-have collectible set is designed exclusively in retro Fallout fashion. Featuring a Pip Boy styled game board and "holographic" pieces, play as your most beloved (and unruly) characters.

  • 16 Green Hologram Hero Pieces:
    • Lone Wanderer (King)
    • Dogmeat (Queen)
    • Mr. Handy (Rooks)
    • BOS (Brotherhood of Steel) Scribes (Bishops)
    • BOS Knights (Knights)
    • Vault Dwellers (Pawns)
  • 16 Grey Hologram Villain Pieces:
    • Super Mutant Master (King)
    • Deathclaw (Queen)
    • Protectrons (Rooks)
    • Glowing Ones (Bishops)
    • Sentry Bots (Knights)
    • Raiders (Pawns)

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