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Nintendo - Meta Knight 6" Plush

Nintendo - Meta Knight 6" Plush

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Meta Knight is a recurring anti-hero character in the Kirby series, making his debut in Kirby's Adventure. He always wears his metal mask in his series, and usually appears as an antagonist or a boss Kirby must fight, but on occasions has had to team up with him. He and Captain Vul are captains of the Halberd ship. In certain games, after Meta Knight is defeated, his mask splits into two, revealing a face near identical to Kirby's; the main difference being his blue skin tone. He made a crossover debut into the Mario franchise as a fighter in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where his ship, the Halberd, also appears as a stage.

Meta Knight's formidable fighting skills and mysterious allure have made him a favourite among fans of Super Smash Bros since his introduction as a playable character in Brawl. This 15cm plush features intricate details of his armour, wings and mask - add him to your collection today!


  • Size: 15cm tall approx
  • Official Nintendo licensed merchandise
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