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Cars 3 - Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero

Cars 3 - Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero

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Product overview

This is Lightning McQueen!

Ultimate Lightning McQueen is the top-end racing machine, complete with all the bells and whistles. This feat of technology brings the beloved character from Disney•Pixar's "Cars 3" off the screen and into your home. Literally. With animated eyes, an animatronic mouth, and emotive suspension, experience Lightning like never before.

Licensed to Thrill

Connect to the app, hit the gas, and see Ultimate Lightning McQueen respond to your commands with his personality on display, thanks to emotive actions and speech. Watch him lean into hairpin turns and drift like a pro in a seamless and intuitive driving experience. Use the app to build racing strategy or unlock more tools to gain a competitive edge. When you're not training, kick back and relax by watching Disney•Pixar's "Cars" with Lightning while he reacts to the movie. Ready, set, KA-CHOW.

What's under the hood?

  • 6 Motors - One controlling the animatronic mouth, two for emotive suspension, two for the front tires, and one for steering.
  • 5 Capacitive Touch Panels - Lightning will physically respond to a tap on his roof, hood, both side doors and near his rear window.
  • 3 Processors - Bluetooth Smart and WiFi allow for updates and app control, while the main processor controls the eye animations and more.
  • Custom-Built Trapezoidal Screen - Lightning's windshield eyes are actually a LCD screen, allowing for live animation renders.
  • Automatic Head and Tail Lights - Ambient light sensors allow the front and rear LED's to adjust based on the light in the room.
  • Versatile Tires - The tire materials allow Lightning to drift on hard surfaces, average carpet conditions, and at slow speeds.
  • Custom Speaker and Speaker Box Design - Lightning's integrated speaker system creates crystal clear audio, unlike any toy out there.
  • Custom-Built Animations - Sphero designed a special tool to allow them to create the animations that Lightning performs.

Technical Specifications:

  • 2 Hours charge time - 40 mins drive time
  • iOS and Android compatible software
  • Effective range of 30 meters - Connects via Bluetooth Smart
  • Top Speed of 9.6 km/h

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