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Japanese Role-Playing Games, commonly known as JRPGs, have been captivating gamers around the world for decades with their immersive storytelling, stunning visuals, and intricate gameplay. The JRPG genre has a storied history that dates back to the early days of video gaming when titles like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy emerged as pioneers, introducing turn-based combat systems and sprawling open worlds.

Final Fantasy, a legendary series, has produced unforgettable titles with breathtaking visuals and captivating narratives, showcasing the power of JRPGs to tell compelling stories with the most recent Final Fantasy XVI and upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the second intallment in an epic trilogy retelling of the famous PlayStation title.

From famed creator Akira Toriyama, Dragon Quest continues to enchant players with its charming art style and timeless gameplay with the latest instalment in the series Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince for Nintendo Switch. From the same creator, look forward to an all new adventure with video game adaptation of the manga series Sand Land and set off on an adventure in search of the Legendary Spring.

If you are searching for a modern twist to the JRPG formula, blending dungeon crawling with life simulation elements, the Persona series creates a unique and engrossing experience for the player with enormous advenures within the Megami Tensei franchise in Persona 5 Royal and the upcoming remake of Persona 3: Reload. If you're craving a tactical strategy adventure Persona 5 Tactica delivers an all new adventure with the return of fan-favourite characters in a story taking place concurrently with the events of Persona 5.

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