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IT Pennywise Toys

Stephen King first unleashed the terror of the shape-shifting clown in the sewers of Derry, Maine in 1986. 'It' is an entity that hides under the town, emerging every 27 years to hunt its prey. The story follows seven children of the town, terrorised by 'It'.

Returning to Derry as adults, 27 years later, the former children of the 'Losers Club' work together to put a stop to IT, once and for all before it returns to slumber once more.

After capturing the vivid imaginations of fans the world over, IT was adapted into a miniseries in 1990, then again in 2017 it was adapted into a 2-part film series, the first film focusing on the children's first encounter with IT, the second on ITs return 27 years later.
Able to take any form but preferring the form of a clown for the fear it instils in children, IT goes by the name Pennywise the Clown. For fans who can't get enough of that spine-chilling clown, we've got IT toys in every form, here at EB Games.

Check out our range of Pennywise pop vinyl figures, from the benign (oh look, he's holding a balloon!) to the downright terrifying (is that a knife he's holding?) you'll find just the right additions for your horror collection.

For those who love their horror more interactive, keep an eye out for our Pennywise action figures. Pose IT just how you want, where you want… wait, did it just move when you looked away? Collect Pennywise toys at your own risk!

If it's other IT dolls you're after, here at EB we've got figures of all kinds, from tiny blind-box collectibles to action figures. Beep, beep Richie - you'll float too!