Picross 3D (preowned)

Picross 3D (preowned)

Nintendo DS  |  Puzzle
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Product overview

Picross 3D is a single player puzzle game in which players must reveal a 3D image hidden inside a larger rectangular block composed of smaller squares. To do this players utilize a variety of numerical clues placed upon the rows and columns of the larger rectangular form. Where they exist these clues indicate the number and possible grouping of blocks within that row or column. Where these are absent, the player must use logic and what the clues related to surrounding areas indicate to determine where blocks should be removed or left in place.

To remove blocks players use the DS stylus via the game's mallet functionality. In standard play mode the game will give gentle limited warnings if blocks are incorrectly removed. Players can also use paint brush functionality to indicate which blocks they believe are part of the final 3D image. For success in exposing images players' actions are rewarded with a puzzle-solving rating, which aid in the unlocking of additional puzzles, and in-game animations that become part of the game background. The game also features an assortment of additional activities, including timed and no-miss challenges, the ability to create your own puzzles and share them with the greater Picross 3D community via the Nintendo DS' wireless Wi-Fi capabilities and even DS download functionality that allows players to share some puzzles with other DS owners locally without the need for additional game cards.


  • Players start with a solid block of cubes marked with numbers. Each block contains a hidden object. Each number represents the number of blocks in that row that are part of the hidden object. If a row of six blocks is marked with the number five, one of those blocks must be eliminated. But which one? Players must deduce the answer based on the number clues marked on adjacent rows and columns.
  • Once all the appropriate blocks have been chipped away, a fun object will be revealed. There are more than 350 unique puzzles to solve and objects to discover in the game.
  • Picross 3D lets players create their own customized puzzles. Players can either share their creations with other Picross 3D players via a local wireless connection or use their broadband Internet connection and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to submit their puzzles into a monthly themed puzzle challenge. Winners will have their puzzles featured in free weekly downloads available to all Picross 3D players for a limited time after the game is launched.
  • Additional brain teasing puzzles will be made available throughout the year in themed puzzle packs via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
  • If multiple people want to play Picross 3D, game owners can also send a sample puzzle to others via DS Download Play without the need of a second game card.