Cooking Mama World Combo Pack Volume 1

Cooking Mama World Combo Pack Volume 1

Nintendo DS  |  Family
G - General
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Product overview

Cooking Mama World Combo Pack Volume 1 bring all the fun of the highly successful Cooking Mama 2 and Cooking Mama World: Gardening Mama on just one cartridge for the Nintendo DS™. 

Cooking Mama 2 is the sequel to the best-selling game Cooking Mama, featuring

  • New recipes based on cultural delicacies
  • Twice as many mini games and the original
  • Multi-player mode to challenge other players to a ‘cook off’ mama style
  • Customisable mode to change the look of the game using stickers and graphics
  • Personal diary mode

Gardening Mama is an expansion of the Cooking Mama franchise that finds Mama in the garden, featuring

  • Grow your own flowers, vegetables and fruit
  • Use your stylus as a watering can, shovel, hose and trowel
  • Collect rare plants in the Treasure Chest and swap wirelessly with friends
  • Create your perfect garden with the Garden Editor
  • 28 different plants to grow
  • Wireless multiplayer for up to 4 plays – 15 mini games and single-card mode