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Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas shopping at EB Games
Need it for Christmas? Check out our delivery guide
Christmas Gift Guarantee
Covid-19 Information
Covid-19 Information
Shopping Online
Credit card payment not working?
Can’t select Express post?
How do Multi-Buy Offers (3 for 2, Buy one - Get one Free) work?
How long will it take to ship to my address?
Updating address details?
How do I place an order or preorder?
When will I be charged for my preorder?
How do I pay my preorder off, if I placed online for pick up in store?
Can I pay off my preorder for delivery off before the release?
What happens if my preorder payment fails?
Click & Collect
What is Click & Collect?
How can I pay for my Click & Collect order?
When will my Click & Collect order by ready for collection?
How do I collect my Click & Collect order?
Can someone else collect my Click & Collect order on my behalf?
How long will my Click & Collect order be held at store?
What happens if my Click & Collect order is rejected?
Can I cancel or change an order paid for using afterpay or ZipPay?
Returns & Refunds
Need to return a damaged or defective item?
Looking to cancel an order?
New Product Warranty Information
Warranty conditions for new consoles?
Console outside of warranty and not working?
Warranty for new games?
Consumer Guarantees
What are my Consumer Guarantees?
Trade in and preowned
Trade value for games and consoles?
What do I need to trade?
What games and consoles can you trade in?
If my controller is broken can EB Games repair it and ReStyle it?
Can you ReStyle other controllers?
Game Betas
Beta Codes - When will I get mine?
I can't find my beta email?
EB World
How do I activate my account?
Need your password reset?
Changing your email address?
Earning Carrots & Leveling Up?
Lost or stolen EB World card?
Change or stop EB World communications?
Cancelling your EB World membership?
General information
Want information on Sponsorship's or Donations?
EB Games Gift Cards
How can I use EB Games Gift Card?
How does Afterpay work?
What can Afterpay be used on?
Can I cancel or change an order paid for using Afterpay?
Can Afterpay be used in-store?
How do I refund items paid for using Afterpay?
Where can I find more information about Afterpay?
What is Zip?
What can Zip be used on?
Can Zip be used in-store?
Can I cancel or change an order paid for using Zip?
Who can use Zip?
How do I refund items paid for using Zip?

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