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Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Nintendo 3DS  |  Action
G - General
Very mild gambling references
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Product overview

When an accident scatters stickers across the land, Mario sets off on an adventure to repair a torn world. Searching Forests, Deserts and Mountains, Mario collects stickers to solve puzzles and battle monsters.

In a first for the series, there are no experience points, so finding power-ups to improve Mario’s abilities is more important than ever. Mixing sticker-based gameplay elements with the traditional action-battle system of the Paper Mario series delivers a new twist on a classic franchise.

Flatten-out characters, roll out towns, and walk through living, breathing dioramas in a brand-new Paper Mario adventure on Nintendo 3DS.

  • Use stickers to uncover secret areas, hidden items and win battles by solving puzzles
  • Paperisation: turns the course into a sheet of paper for Mario to sticker and solve puzzles
  • Battle stickers
  • "Thing" stickers
  • Royal stickers
  • Turn-based combat
  • 3D action adventure
  • Also available as a digital download from Nintendo eShop

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